Here you will find a few pictures of some of our cars.

DE Delage: early vintage 4-cylinder side valve with a tourer body by Waring Bros. of Melbourne.
DISS: sporting version of the DI range.  English tourer body by Park Ward.
DISS: with light 2-seater boat-tailed body, a quick and beautifully handling vintage Delage.
1925 Sunbeam: a rare example of the world’s first production twin-overhead cam six.  Sunbeam has a strong French connection with Talbot/Darracq.
D8 saloon: a luxury long-wheelbase Delage The 4 litre straight-8 gives massive torque.
Body by Martin and King Malvern, Victoria.
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DMS Tourer. Fast sporting version of the DM 6-cylinder series.
A Mid 1930’s D6 70 Delage. 3 litre engine tuned for competition. Very fast.
D8S Sporting version of the D8. A fast luxury car favoured by many of the rich and famous in the 1930’s.
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